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Camp Hollow

Somewhere in the wilderness of Utah, far from the corruption of modern society, JK.Dreamer spends his time creating beautiful works of art while providing his family with a happy and fulfilling life.  As a long time student of art, JK brings a unique perspective to his work.  His primary creation, Camp Hollow, is an epic demonstration of the power of human imagination, one where animals and humans live side by side in harmony.
JK has always been fascinated by nature.  Upon learning of the impending birth of his first child, he decided to decamp to the mountains where he and his family could indulge in their love of philosophy and art. Jk believes in the power of faith and the spirit of teamwork.  
Camp Hollow was an instant success.  By creating a charming collection of porcelain animal figurines, JK tapped into a collective longing for peace and bucolic bliss.  However, these small pieces of jewelry were just the beginning.  His humble enterprise soon grew into a multi-disciplinary collection of artists, complete with epic fantasy stories and a jaw-dropping virtual reality presence.
JK.Dreamer has come to represent something special.  He is an exceptionally interesting creator, one who is constantly searching for new ways to illuminate the beauty of nature.  His spirit of exploration and discovery has touched countless lives, and he looks forward to continuing to be a beacon for light, love, and beauty.