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Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon Mugs Set
Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon Mugs Set

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon Mugs Set

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There is no denying the unrequited romance between the Sun and the Moon. Opposite yet similar, they shine high in the sky keeping our beautiful planet in harmonious balance.

Stars of white and metallic gold dance along the mug surfaces, twinkling in the night sky when they catch a ray of light.

Designed as the perfect pair, the 'Love by the Moon' and 'Live by the Sun' mugs will have you longing for time spent sipping coffee (or tea) with your fave human!


  • Full surface design
  • Beautiful metallic gold detailing
  • Metallic Gold Stars and Moons on the inside lip of the Moon mug
  • Metallic Gold Stars and Suns on the inside lip of the Sun mug
  • Fine bone china
  • 400ml Mug
  • Gentle hand wash only
  • Not safe for microwave, oven & dishwasher use

* Please note that there may appear to be some very slight water drop like marks on some of the Moon Phases. This is a natural occurrence of the decal processing and can be hard to avoid as they are man-applied in a special water-based technique.

Photos courtesy of The Quirky Cup Collective

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